ESDCTA New Jersey H.T. (Sep 2022) - Entries
RiderHorseDivisionStatusBalance DueDeposit BalMissing
Abrecht, KelseyThird Times A CharmOPAccepted
Alexander, DarrahExcel Star SSK Atlantic MaxONAcceptedY
Astacio, TaraMoney to BurnNRAccepted
Aulbach, JulianaLove Sick KittenBNRAccepted40.00Y
Baker, RileySpeedy MBNRAccepted - Incomplete
Baltodano, AteashaHold My TiaraSTARTAccepted
Ban, EdinaAll Gone JohnSTARTAccepted
Bauersfeld, MaryCalleTRAcceptedY
Bay, Pamela LaurenClonshire Le RoyBNRAccepted
Beaver, KellyExcel Star JupiterONAccepted
Bierly, DavidIncarceratedONAccepted
Bierly, DavidDance For JoeOBNAccepted
Bierly, OliviaSure HitOTAccepted
Blazek, KelseaBourbon AgogoOBNAccepted - Incomplete
Brackett, KatieCall To VictoryMAcceptedY
Brienza, CameronLilySTARTAccepted
Brienza, PeytonThe Brave Little ToasterNRAccepted - Incomplete
Brooks, EmmaLegendary ManNRAccepted
Bryner, MatthewQuaden AFMAccepted - Incomplete
Byrne, MalareeFeel My PresenceNRAccepted - Incomplete
Cascarino, AverySan SukiNRAccepted
Champagne, BradleyFirst VentureOPAccepted
Champagne, BradleyNocciola KWOBNAccepted
Chubb, AlisonFernhill ChaosOTAccepted - Incomplete
Chumley, LaurenAtlanta BMAccepted - Incomplete
Colaianni, MegOld ArmyNRAccepted
Cole, GinnyMay Day CashTRAccepted
Cornell, HollySundanceSTARTAccepted
Costello, CaitlynKrsto SkyeBNRAccepted
Cousins, SarahFireCallONAcceptedY
Cousins, SarahMr JenkinsONAcceptedY
Cousins, SarahTiz ReadyOIAcceptedY
Cousins, SarahCV'S Jackpot OTAccepted - IncompleteY
Davidson Jr., BruceCerafino DOIAccepted - Incomplete
Davidson Jr., BruceNimsMAccepted - Incomplete
Davidson Jr., BruceParrsboroOPAccepted - Incomplete
Davidson Jr., BruceStracathro Solitary MinstralOIAccepted - Incomplete
Davidson Sr., BruceChesterland's Brown SugarOTAcceptedY
Davidson Sr., BruceChesterland's SunswickOPAccepted - IncompleteY
Davis, SusanHalftime ShowTRAcceptedY
Deatrick, Maggie LCthulhuMAccepted
Deyo, AveryLagunitasBNRAcceptedY
DiMascio, KimEgberts SpiritBNRAccepted - Incomplete
Duelfer, JenniferCocky KiannaNRAccepted
Dugan, BevinSnow Wind SNOIAccepted - IncompleteY
Duggan, WhitneyBrief EncounterSTARTAccepted
Dutton, OliviaKir Royale SKZONAccepted - Incomplete
Dutton, OliviaMenno-EONAccepted - Incomplete
Dutton, OliviaFernhill ShutterflyOTAccepted
Dutton, OliviaMilatour ParisolOPAccepted - Incomplete
Emerson, DelaneyMerlins Redfield HSHONAccepted - Incomplete
Emerson, DelaneyRedfield Kylian AOBNAccepted - Incomplete
Emerson, DelaneySD Pomme de TerreONAccepted
Faison, AmyMettraiseOIAccepted
Farje, DiegoHeidsieckOTAccepted
Farje, DiegoJoey FiddlesticksOTAccepted
Farje, DiegoShmickONAccepted
Farje, DiegoVivanturaONAccepted
Fazio, LauraRoyal Dancer 43TRAccepted - Incomplete
Fergusson, Lisa MarieNewcomer ZOIAccepted
Finn, SkyeAvatars JazzmanBNRAccepted
Fischer, Jennyann M.Saint RemyTRAccepted
Flores-Kinney, ZaraElusive DassettOIAccepted
Ford, OliviaKilcannon PrideTRAccepted - Incomplete
Freeman, HannahDowntown Doc BrownOBNAccepted - Incomplete
Frielick, HayleyExcel Star TrumanONAccepted
Frielick, HayleyExcel Star Stephen's GreenOTAccepted
Frielick, HayleyExcel Star MarvelSTARTAccepted - Incomplete
Froberg-Fejko, KarenGrey AddictionSTARTAccepted
Gallen, MonicaRule FiveNRAccepted
Gartenberg, AlexaCooley KildaireOIAccepted - Incomplete
Gartenberg, AlexaFrame ShamrockOPAccepted - Incomplete
Gehman, JessicaRay PriceMAccepted
Giannini, NevaStilwell Can DoTRAccepted
Gibbins, SavannahKenzo de la RoqueBNRAccepted - Incomplete
Harrison, LizBomberoTRAcceptedY
Hayes, JessieRivendellMAccepted - Incomplete
Heroux, CallieWatermarkMAccepted - Incomplete
Hillman, CarinaNova ZBNRAccepted
Hoey, JenniferCandy CigaretteNRAccepted
Hoey, JenniferGottawaySTARTAccepted
Honeycutt, CarolineBeall Spring SeahawkMAccepted
Horah, LukeZelina FLFOTAccepted
Horton, HillaryHighlightTRAccepted
Hullings, Rylea VictoriaBiondaSTARTAccepted
Jack, RebeccaMetropolitanBNRAccepted
Jasionowski, DanielleDuncan's JourneySTARTAccepted - Incomplete
Johnson, AlexaFDF RechercheTRAccepted
Jones, CaseyI gotta GuyTRAccepted - IncompleteY
Jones, CaseyLouis VuittonTRAcceptedY
Jones, McKenzieJaspers Treasurer TekarraBNRAccepted
Kanara, ErinExcel Star Future HugoOTAccepted
Kanara, ErinExcel Star SkywalkerONAccepted
Kanara, ErinRoyal EmpressMAccepted
Keane, KevinUndaunted RagsONAccepted
Kenny, KellieCooley MBFTRAccepted
Kenny, MaeveAstaire To The FutureOTAccepted
King, RobinSplash of SassNRAccepted
Lee, NancyPHF Wine Me UpTRAccepted
Levesque, JennaImagine ThatMAccepted - Incomplete
Lewis, WendyCaparo WGOTAccepted
Lewis, WendyUp On StageOPAccepted
Lichten, KatieRomans Code RedOTAccepted
Lilley, Shannon P.Miss Holland EBONAcceptedUSEA/USEF Waiver (10/2021): Incomplete
Lomangino, EmmaMaster FriskyOIAcceptedY
Lortie, DebraExcel Star Midas TouchSTARTAccepted
Magrone-Stahly, GracieScarragh SilverTRAccepted
Maroko, KatherineKito Al ZONAccepted
Maroko, KatherineSparkle of PeaceONAccepted
Martin, BoydContessaOIAccepted
Martin, BoydFedarman BOIAccepted
Martin, BoydPenhill CelticOIAccepted
Martin, BoydMiss LuLu HerselfOIAccepted
Maude, AbbyStonehavens DreamOIAccepted
Mazza, StefanieBrigantineOIAccepted - Incomplete
McClure Ianacone, SabrinaPirates BidTRAccepted
McMillen, MollyLilyMAccepted
McVey, LilyRenaissance ManSTARTAccepted
Merala, KristenExcel Star Kerry PippinOTAccepted
Merison, CarolineBorn ReadyMAccepted - IncompleteY
Merison, CarolineHSH Mosstown MexicoMAccepted - IncompleteY
Merrill, JamieAddiNRAccepted - Incomplete
Messaglia, Liz HoltzGreenfort CarnivalOIAccepted
Michaloski, KristinIce BreakerOPAccepted
Middlebrook, SophiaBetterthanexpectedOTAccepted - Incomplete
Middlebrook, SophiaProntissimoOIAccepted - Incomplete
Miller, BridgetteWhy Is The Rum Gone?OIAcceptedY
Miller, MissyGonna CoastONAccepted
Miller, MissyQuasi LimkoOBNAccepted
Miller, MissyQuinnOIAccepted
Morris, JennyThe Golden TicketNRAccepted - Incomplete
Moses, HillaryExcel Star GladiatorOTAccepted
Moses, HillaryExcel Star DiplomatONAccepted
Naffin, GenevieveAspire RPHOBNAccepted - Incomplete
Nakano, MayaPac ManNRAccepted - Incomplete
Nienaber, AnnieTizbreezyONAccepted - Incomplete
Nolan, OliviaVKM StargazerBNRAccepted - Incomplete
Pearce, TarynMilagro SEMAccepted - IncompleteY
Perkins, KylaK.M JonelleONAccepted
Piatti, CourtneyTeddy RooseveltBNRAccepted
Plumb, CassieExcel Star Eye CandyOPAccepted - Incomplete
Plummer, Paige ElizabethSeminole Wind BNRAccepted - Incomplete
Potts, SamanthaRoger ThatNRAccepted - IncompleteY
Racey, JasonJaggerOBNAccepted
Ramsey, PaigeMTF Cooley ClassicTRAcceptedY
Rayner, CarrollAmazing GraceTRAcceptedY
Reed, SophieStar of MidnightTRAccepted
Reeder, MykaCleverlyTRAcceptedY
Risso, ErinSportsfield EnquiryOIAcceptedY
Risso, ErinBluegrass TalismanOPAcceptedY
Rocha, RicardoI,ll be honestOTAccepted
Scaff, AlexandraIllegal Use Of AssetsSTARTAccepted
Scherrer, NikkiBold TigerOPAccepted
Schuitema, KirstenCape Silverstar ZONAccepted
Scott, MadelineSilvia 70OPAccepted
Shomper, RobbinSilent RainMAccepted
Silkensen, JenniferGreat BearBNRAccepted - Incomplete
Silliman, CaitlinExcel Star Briarhill PopONAccepted - Incomplete
Silliman, CaitlinFE Show BusinessMAccepted
Silliman, CaitlinExcel Star Vero AmoreMAccepted
Sills, StephanieMille Neuf CentOIAccepted - IncompleteY
Sills, StephanieSaltOPAccepted - IncompleteY
Smith, TamraCrafty DonOPAccepted105.00Y
Smith, TamraSolaguayre CaliforniaOIAccepted105.00Y
Smith, TamraDanitoOIAccepted105.00Y
Smith, TamraElliot VOIAccepted105.00Y
Smith, TamraKynanOPAccepted - Incomplete105.00Y
Solomon, ClaireOver The MoonNRAccepted
Speck, KaelenCheckwithmeONAccepted
Stremple, Sophie AnnFernhill Fifth AvenueOTAcceptedY
Stremple, Sophie AnnLoughnatousa Royal FlushOBNAcceptedY
Stremple, Sophie AnnStreet FightingTRAcceptedY
Swire, ElizabethInnsbruck VDOOIAccepted
Swire, ElizabethMagnifique KOBNAccepted
Thompson, JaneyDevine GwendolynSTARTAcceptedY
Wandy, TiffanyCV OutlawOIAccepted
Wandy, TiffanyBold SalsaOTAccepted
White, DonnaEsprit De BarbereauNRAccepted
Wiles, SammieWar FleetNRAccepted - Incomplete
Wilson, VirginiaJ-TrumanMAccepted
Wood, RyanBen LomondONAccepted
Wood, RyanBen NevisONAccepted
Wood, RyanEiffelONAccepted
Wood, RyanFernhill Quite Frankly OTAccepted - Incomplete
Woodfield, LizBilt to LastOBNAccepted
Woodfield, LizGL RudbeckiaNRAccepted
Wyatt, AldenI'mherealldayTRAccepted
Zeitlin, RachelJust One More / "Travis"BNRAccepted - Incomplete
de Recat, ElleRedfield Mary JaneONAccepted

Division Entries
BNRBeginner Novice Rider22
MModified 21
NRNovice Rider20
OBNOpen Beginner Novice13
OIIntermediate Open26
ONOpen Novice35
OPOpen Preliminary17
OTTraining Open22
TRTraining Rider26